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One Lie

"One lie spoils a thousand truths."

—Asante Proverb
A stern-faced crow looking over its shoulder.
Credits: Crow illustration by Jason Sweeney, via flickr.

Audiobooks are coming

I haven’t been writing as much as I would like lately, but I have an excellent excuse. Exciting things are happening.

With the help of a most excellent sound engineer, I’ve been recording my stories for compilation into audiobooks.

A Friend

When something gets into your eye, it is a friend who will remove it for you.

— Asante Proverb

Story Time: The Hyena's New Coat

We do not mean, we do not really mean, that everything, you are about to hear, is the truth. A story, a story, let it come, let it go…

The Hyena's New Coat. A South African folktale, retold by A. Sakyiama

There was a time, long, long ago, when only meerkats had color in their coats.

All the animals envied the meerkats for the different shades of their fur, the black around their eyes and the stripes on their backs. They all wanted colorful coats too. So, God gave a meerkat the power to decorate the coats of the other animals.

To The One Who Does Not Love Me

A grumpy looking frog thinking that love is not so great.

The one who does not love me,
He will become a frog.
And, he will jump, jump, jump away.
He will become a monkey with one leg,
And he will hop, hop, hop away.

— Traditional Yoruba Girls’ Song of Rebuke

Story Time: Ananse’s Cousin Comes to Town

The storyteller is here! Today, I come with a tale of the crafty Ananse, looking to fill his belly with more than his fair share of food.

Anansesem se so

Ananse’s Cousin Comes to Town

He who rides the horse of greed at a gallop, will pull it up at the door of shame.
—Fulani Proverb

ONE DAY, Ananse was watching Aso, his wife, cooking when a wonderful idea came to him.

“Aso,” he said, “I have something important to tell you.”

“I’m listening,” Aso said.