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All Shiny, New, and Fast

My little home on the internet just got an update!

It’s been months in the making, but just a week ago, I cautiously clicked the button to deploy the new website. It’s not too different in appearance from the old one and most of the earlier content is still here.

Underneath though, everything is different. As a result, the site is more responsive, more secure, and runs much much faster than before.

I am on Bandcamp

I found out about bandcamp.com recently. I’m still exploring but I love the place already. It is a site designed to let people find music and directly support the independent artists who make it. After knocking about the site a bit, I noticed that they had an audiobook category.

Something New — Audio-eBooks

Took a planned short break that turned into a long, long break, as my family adjusted to post-grad life.

Palm tree against a brilliant orange and gold sky.

While it is not reflected here yet, things did move along, slowly, yes but there was movement. I wrote new stories, recorded more audiobooks, took a couple of courses to improve as a writer and publisher etc. etc. Murphy’s Law ensured that there were plenty boulders to be moved and giant pot-holes along the way.

Story Time: Wishful Thinking

It’s story time and I have another hyena tale to share. Poor hyena, an ugly coat was only the beginning of its troubles.

Wishful Thinking, an African folktale, retold by A. Sakyiama
Credits: Hyena illustration by Jason Sweeney, via flickr.

Once upon a time, a hyena and a leopard met and became good friends. They sometimes hunted together and shared the food equally between them.

One day, the leopard was out alone, hunting for food, when the enticing smell of fresh fish came into its nostrils. The hungry beast followed the smell and found that it was coming of off a cart being pulled by a tough looking man. It was a fisherman hauling home a good day’s catch.

“It would not be wise for me to attack a man,” the leopard thought. “He has all sorts of weapons that can hurt me. I’m going to have to be clever about getting some of his fish.”

One Lie

"One lie spoils a thousand truths."

—Asante Proverb
A stern-faced crow looking over its shoulder.
Credits: Crow illustration by Jason Sweeney, via flickr.