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The Girl in the Tree and Other Tales From Africa

Cover of The Girl in the Tree and Other Tales From Africa

If you were sitting in a tree and could only come down for someone you would like to marry, who would you pick?

Decisions, decisions! Monka was the girl in the tree. Who did she pick? Did she even pick? And, why on earth did anyone think that this was a good way to pick a husband?

Read Monka’s story and other tales of courtship and love. I have to warn you though, if you’re looking for “lovey-dovey, happily-ever-after” stories, these are not it.

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Stories in this Collection:

  1. The Girl in the Tree

  2. Squeeze Her

  3. True Love

  4. The Favorite Wife

  5. Dede and Kwapong

  6. Riddle For Love

  7. The Best Son-in-Law

  8. and a bonus story in the backmatter.♥

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