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The Missing Mouth and Other Ananse Stories

Cover of the Missing Mouth and Other Ananse Stories

Ananse in love? Sort of in love? Okay, let’s just say, looking for a wife.

The Missing Mouth and Other Ananse Stories is the third story collection in the African Fireside Classics series.

This one is all about the trickster, Kweku Ananse and his search for a wife.

If you’re thinking romance, watching a beautiful African sunset together, lovely walks under a moon-lit sky and …, forget it my friends.

In fact, Ananse is on his worst behaviour! Children start crying for nothing, people get sick, jealousy spreads around the world, etc. etc.

What a lazy, greedy and selfish trickster wants most in a wife is not romance, brains, brawn or even beauty.

No, no, no, no!

According to Ananse, the ideal wife should have eyes to see, ears to hear, a nose for smelling but no mouth to speak or eat with. How does that work out for him?

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Stories in this Collection:

  1. Crying For Nothing

    Ananse, goes looking for someone to marry and ends up making children, all over the world, cry for nothing!

  2. Ananse and the Village of Women

    Ananse finds a village of only women. Yay, he can have as many wives as he wants! Can he really?

  3. Ananse’s Talking Drum

    Ananse, hopes to become a prince by marrying a princess. Lizard helps him. Not a wise decision on Lizard’s part. Ananse is not to be trusted!

  4. Sleeping Mat Secrets

    Who wants to marry a trickster? In this tale, Ananse enters and wins a contest for a wife. Maybe.

  5. Why Mosquitoes Whine

    I am sure you would not be too surprised to find out that Ananse, that wily trickster, has something to do with why mosquitoes whine so much.

  6. Ananse and Aso

    What did it take for Ananse to win Aso for his wife? Petitions to the sky God, massive baskets of meat and a funny name. That’s what. And oh, at the end of it all, jealousy spread throughout the world. Surprised? Did you think it would be a simple matter?

  7. The Missing Mouth

    Ananse asks God for a wife without a mouth so that she would not eat or nag. He gets exactly what he asks for. And, they live happily ever after? Ha, ha, ha.

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