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Today's Water and Other Ananse Stories

Cover of Today's Water and Other Ananse Stories

He is most certainly cunning and clever, but is Kweku Ananse the most clever of all? He thinks so and in Today‘s Water, he sets out to prove it!

Before this tale of Ananse’s quest, we see him in other tales, earning his reputation as a crafty and ingenious trickster. Along the way, we also find out why the sky is far from the ground and how it came about, that all stories, are Ananse stories.

If you have never heard of Ananse, this collection of stories is a great introduction to him.

Ananse is a trickster who enjoys getting the better of anyone he crosses paths with. From a lowly lizard to kings and gods, no one is safe from his tricks.

He is also a shapeshifter who can turn into a spider and hide when in trouble. Sometimes he’s the hero; most times, he’s the villain and occasionally, he’s just the narrator.

While Ananse stories are told all around the world, this set comes from the source—from the folktales of the Akan people of Ghana, West Africa.

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Stories in this Collection:

  1. A Tower of Mortars

    How it came about that the sky is far away from the ground.

  2. All Stories Become Ananse Stories

    All stories belonged to God, until Ananse paid a very high price for them. How did he do it?

  3. Ananse’s Brother

    Ananse has a brother? Oh brother!

  4. Ananse’s Work-Day

    Why would the famously lazy Ananse organize a work day?

  5. The Price is High

    Lizard asks Ananse for food and gets. . .what? a haircut?

  6. Ananse and the Grain of Corn

    What can you get for a grain of corn if you are as crafty as Ananse?

  7. Today’s Water

    What happens when Ananse sets out to prove that he is the most clever person in the world?

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