Pencil and writing pad

I am just coming off of a challenge to write 100 stories in 100 days. I did not make it to 100 stories, I got to 61. Am I disappointed? Only a little. To tell the truth, I am quite thrilled.

I had a boatload of things going on during this time, the biggest being that new book I crowed about the other day. I started the challenge to give myself an excuse to write more stories. I didn’t “win” it per se, but I won in the sense that I now have all these new stories to share. 61 of them! 61!

I am thrilled. Sixty-one is a whole lot more than zero. I am highly motivated to do more.

For another 100 days, starting today, July 1st 2014, my goal is to complete the challenge and have all 100 stories written, edited, proofed and published. I hope to have 10 books released within that time, 1 every 2 weeks or so. If all goes well, the first book should be out on the 10th of July, 2014.

Am I worried that this goal is too much? A little bit, but I’m going for it anyway. I think it was Zig Ziglar who said, ‘If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.’ Like most people, I want something more than nothing. I want to tell more stories and I want to do it well. I want my audience to have the best that I can give. So, I’m motivated to put in the work.

'Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.' Les Brown quote.

I’m aiming very high and the goal is a bit of a stretch for me at this time. However, I firmly believe that if I work consistently towards it, I will make it. Even if I don’t make it all the way, I would still have something much more than nothing.

Even better, I am truly enjoying myself. I love hearing and retelling these African folktales. I have been known to burst into laughter as I’m writing. My academic writing seems to have also benefited from all this writing. Nothing definite that I can point to but my work reads better.

Anyway, I would love some company as I work through this challenge. I intend to keep track of my progress on this blog. So please, don’t feel shy about cheering me on or kicking my butt if it looks like I’m slacking. If you want to read or edit some of the stories, please get in touch. Let’s work something out. The more, the merrier.

Is there something you have been meaning to do but can never find the time? Enter a contest or set up a sprint challenge for a limited time. You just might surprise yourself in a very good way like I just did.

Perhaps you are already working on a challenge of your own. Why don’t you make it public to give yourself an extra boost? You can document your progress here if you like. One hundred days from now, we can celebrate our wins together.