Man riding a bicycle with a goat on his back.

A friend forwarded this hilarious picture from Ghana, of a man riding a bicycle with a goat on his back. After laughing my head off, I was reminded of another goat story. It goes like this …

A policeman was patrolling one night when he caught a glimpse of the passengers in a taxicab that was passing by. The taxi was not speeding or breaking any rules, but the passengers had been so ugly, the officer wanted to take a closer look at them. So, he ordered the driver to a stop and walked up to say hello.

The driver stepped out and was quite friendly. He asked the officer not to bother with his passengers, but the officer insisted on greeting them as well.

It turned out that the passengers were not people at all. They were goats, dressed up in clothes! (Hey, that rhymes). And, the driver? He turned out to be a notorious thief.

I have no idea if this story is true or not, but in Ghana, the birthplace of Kweku Ananse, anything is possible.

I went online looking for more info on the picture. While I found it posted on several blogs and joke sites, I found no information on its origins.

Goat transport on a bicycle.

I found more goats on bikes though.

The first one is from an article on the wonderful work of Bicycles For Humanity in Pique News Magazine. It shows a man transporting two goats. Those goats are lounging quite comfortably on the back of the bicycle and look like they are enjoying the ride.

I also found a series of photographs showing a man and his “goat pack” from the humour site Here they are, for your viewing pleasure.

Man on a bicycle with a goat draped across his back like a backpack.